Geologist and Science Writer presenting the science of deep time.

If you want to see what climate change can do to the planet,  just look at Earth's past!

Howard Lee is a freelance science writer focusing on climate changes in deep time. He has a bachelors degree in geology and masters in remote sensing, both from University of London, UK. Howard draws upon years of experience in diverse Earth Science industries (seismic hazard, geothermal exploration, mining and radioactive waste disposal, oil and gas exploration) for his writing.

His other interest is Ancient Persia, and his first book for children: Jamshid and the Lost Mountain of Light, earned Howard a "Golden Lioness Award" as Best Children's Book.

He currently lives in Massachusetts, USA.

Professional Memberships and Qualifications

NASW - National Association of Science Writers
FGS - Fellow of the Geological Society of London
The Remote Sensing and Photogrammetry Society

MSc - Remote Sensing - University of London
BSc - Geology - University of London


Good Scout Award - 2010 - Boy Scouts of America Patriots Path Council (New Jersey)

Golden Lioness Award: Best Children's Book - 2006 - The World Academy of Arts, Literature, and Media (Budapest)


Andrew Revkin

Strategic Adviser for Environmental and Science Journalism at National Geographic Society:
Early on, I decided to start my book of 100 moments in humanity's weather and climate learning journey ( ) with the origin of Earth's atmosphere. You can't have weather without one. With my co-author (Lisa Mechaley), I also decided to include contributions from writers with special knowledge of particular areas of science. Howard Lee came to mind right away as perfect for the earliest moments in our planet's history. He was great to work with and his sections turned out wonderfully. His book, "Your Life as Planet Earth," is a deeper dive into that journey and I hope you'll buy and read it.

Howard Lee